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This is it.   The simplest, but yet the most powerful tool you own.    If you take more of these dollar bills and spend them locally, you will help to grow independent business all across America.  Local business gives back more of every dollar to the community.   Buying locally supports local jobs, funds more local services through sales tax, and invests more in neighborhood improvement and development.   Shop Local - Buy Local.   It's the community building tool you carry with you every where you go.   Thank you for shopping locally.

     This site will provide you with links to great independent businesses and give you resources for supporting the Shop Local Buy Local campaign in your area.    Feel free to download and print any of the poster sizes below.

      8 x 11 poster (5mb)    11x17 poster (8mb)    31x20 poster (20mb)

     When you buy local you are supporting yourself  because significantly more money is used to make purchases from other local businesses (see chart)  Independent local businesses tend to be larger supporters of local non-profit groups.   Help keep our local communities unique, reduce environmental impact, create more good jobs, get better service, invest in your community, put your taxes to better use, buy what you want, and encourage local prosperity.  All just  with the power of the tool you carry in your pocket.  Shop Local - Buy Local.  It's the community building tool you carry with you every WHERE you go.